Unlicensed Contractors May Cause More Harm Then Good/Here Are Some Signs

Did You Know An Unlicensed Contractor can cause you harm?

An unlicensed contractor who get hurt on your property could sue you…and win?  Unlicensed contractors are unlikely to carry the proper insurance, so it really does happen.

If you hire an unlicensed contractor and he says he is working under another person’s license he is performing an illegal act. Only legitimate employees are allowed to work under the umbrella of a licensed contractor.

You should only use Licensed Contractors to do your electrical work.  Electricity can be very dangerous so it is best to be sure you have a licensed professional.

If you are doing some electrical repairs or installs, call a qualified licensed electrician to come out for a free estimate.
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  • Ask to see the contractors paper license.  Unlicensed contractors typically use fake numbers.
  • Get contractors full name, company name, license number and check with the state departments who issue the license.
  • Check to see any history of complaints
  • Make sure the contractor has license to perform work you need done.  Exp: A licensed plumber cannot do electrical work.

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