Tips on Preventing Electrical Fires in Gilbert

Preventing Electrical Fires USB outlets

An electrical fire can destroy your home in a matter of minutes. It can leave you homeless and penniless especially without the proper insurance coverage for fire hazard. Scheduling a licensed electrician yearly for an inspection of your outlets, wiring and appliances can give you peace of mind.

Checklist for Preventing Electrical Fires

Every year, at least once, you should complete each of the following tasks:

  1. Check for sign of frayed wiring on all of your electrical devices.
  2. Check all outlets for visible sign of damage.
  3. Inspect all electrical switches for any visible signs of damage (burnt smell, dark spots, cracks)
  4. Also, inspect all extension cords and surge protectors for signs of wear and tear.

Always a good idea to childproof all electrical outlets. Limit the use of electrical extension cords and do not overload them with to many devices.

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