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Plumbing / Electrical Remodeling / Upgrades.

Are you thinking of doing any remodeling and/or upgrading to your plumbing and electrical systems? Eagle Services of Gilbert Arizona can perform many different types of  plumbing repairs or upgrades throughout the Phoenix metro as well as do simple fixes to make … Continue reading

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Electrical Contractor can save you money when installing light fixtures

New or Old light fixtures can be tricky even for the experienced electrical contractor. You definitely do not want to get shocked!  Sometimes to save money and time, using an Electrical Contractor is the best way to go. Things can … Continue reading

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Choosing A Gilbert Electrician: What You Don’t Know May Shock You

Not All Gilbert Electricians Are Created Equal Most Frequent Service Calls!! Outlets not working! This typically happens in bathrooms, kitchens and garages. Homeowners generally go to main panel and notice no breakers tripped and cannot understand why outlets dont work. … Continue reading

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