Smoke Alarms: Saves Lives in Cases of Emergency

Changing Your smoke alarms:Smoke Alarm

You should change the batteries on all your smoke alarms monthly.  You also need to think about REPLACING them once a year.  They can get dusty and not function properly.  You can go to The National Fire Protection Association for more information and print a calendar tear sheet to help you remember when to change your batteries.

  • If you sleep with your bedroom doors closed, your qualified electrician can install interconnected smoke alarms in each room so that when one alarm sounds, they all will sound.
  • If  someone in your home is deaf or hard of hearing, you may consider installing an alarm that combines sound/vibration or flashing lights.
  • Drafts can interfere with you smoke alarms, do not install next to windows or doors.

Every bedroom and every level of your home including the basement should have a smoke alarm.

Sometimes your alarms will not go off,  possibly due to faulty wiring or bad/old batteries.  That’s why calling your Gilbert Electrician to come out, test your alarms and see about replacing them.  Give Eagle Services a call at 480-659-4942.  We service Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, Glendale and most other surrounding areas.


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