Signs You Need Drain Repair Services

Most types of indoor plumbing are made to last and to be durable, but the kinds of materials used by the average homeowner, such as soap scum and food waste, can produce a build up inside your pipes which can affect the overall performance of your plumbing.  Since we cannot see inside the plumbing we have to rely on signs or signals.

There are some signs to look for in needing drain repair services

  • Gurgling – when you hear a gurgling sound coming from the drain, it indicates that there is enough build-up in the drain that it has air pockets.  The sound is actually from the release of trapped air.
  • Smells – odors usually are caused by food waste, such as, oils, grease and fats but can be caused by sewer backing up.  This can happen if the line has a crack in it and should be taken seriously and should be inspected by a trained expert.
  • Multiple/Recurring  – If you find that multiple lines are clogging at the same time, that most likely means that you have several drains that empty into one main plumbing line. In this case, a licensed plumber would be your best bet to unclog it because it’s probably a clog somewhere deep in the main line. If the same line is continuing to clog, it indicates the clog has never really been resolved and may require a professional.

If you are seeing any of these signs that a drain repair is needed, call us at Eagle Services to schedule an appointment at 480-659-4942.  We service the entire valley and also provide licensed Electricians.

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