Reasons Why a Toilet Runs

Reasons Why your Toilet Might Run

  • Float ball issues – the float ball is the small ball that sinks when the tank empties when flushing, which opens up the inlet valve on the fill tube.  When the tank is filled, the float ball rises, which closes the valve and stops the filling process.  If the float is not aligned or malfunctions, it may not close the valve completely and the water will continue to run.
  • If the chain on the flush valve is too short/long  – the chain on the flush valve is the component that pulls open the flush valve, which allows fresh water into the tank and flushes out the used water.  When the chain is too long or too short, it may interfere with the ability of the flush valve to completely close.
  • Gasket seal – the gasket is the seal between the tank and the bowl, if it becomes worn out, it will allow water to run into you bowl.
  • Refill tube – the refill tube replenishes the water in the tank. The top of the tube should be above the water level, but if not you will hear intermittent running.
  • Issues with the flapper – the flapper (flush valve) needs to completely seal after every flush in order to keep the water from leaking.  Sometimes with age they can develop mineral deposits or wear down, preventing it from getting a proper seal.  If it just has mineral deposits, you may be able to clean it, but if it shows signs of wear, it should just be replaced.

My toilet in my master bathroom used to make a running sound intermittently through the night, which I could hear while trying to sleep.  I had one of our licensed plumbers come out, and they replaced the refill tube.  It was a quick, cheap and easy fix.

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