Plumbing / Electrical Remodeling / Upgrades.

Are you thinking of doing any remodeling and/or upgrading to your plumbing and electrical systems?

Eagle Services of Gilbert Arizona can perform many different types of  plumbing repairs or upgrades throughout the Phoenix metro as well as do simple fixes to make your home look much better.

You can do just simple fixes to your electric such as, changing light switches, replacing light fixtures and ceiling fans, to removing fluorescent lighting and installing can lights, installing USB outlets throughout your home or office. Or maybe doing some house rewiring. We can install surge protectors and entire panel upgrades.

USB outlets


As for plumbing repairs or upgrades. We can replace rusted or leaky faucets and sinks.  Repair or replace leaky outside hose bibs. Or we can remodel your whole bathroom, with new bathtub/shower, toilets, fancy faucets.  We have installed fire bowls for outdoor use around the pool.

fire bowls

How about a new built in BBQ for your backyard or having an outdoor shower installed.

Please give us a call today to discuss your plumbing repairs or upgrades.



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