3 Indicators It May Be Time for a New A/C

new air conditionerThe Arizona heat can take its toll on an air conditioner, but how do you know when is it time to get a new air conditioner? Determining that would be much easier if old units would just give up the ghost and die, but many times they are repairable. Eagle Services in Phoenix may recommend repairing equipment because the owners feel that they are saving money by doing so, but this is not always the case.

Many of the factors that bear on the decision to buy new or repair an a/c system are simple enough to understand, and anyone should consider them before making a decision on how to proceed. Here are the basic questions to ask yourself before you spend money on your cooling system.

How Old is My A/C?

The A/C is much like the washing machine or dryer in your home. It works consistently without much fanfare, and you may begin to believe it will go on forever. Fifteen or twenty years of use is not uncommon for a service life, but not all air conditioners will remain useful for that long.

What is the A/C’s Service History?

You should keep records about any of the equipment you own so you have a clear understanding of how dependable it is. Additionally, records help you remember to have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioner so it performs optimally. Eagle Services in Phoenix has found that maintenance provides for a much longer service life and lower utility costs.

While in theory every A/C should give the same service based on what materials contribute to its construction, this is not always true. Many owners have early failure with their units, which may not be traceable to any one particular problem. Equipment that has yearly maintenance should not fail in the first five years it is used. A history of emergency service calls indicates that an air conditioner may be a “lemon.”

What is the SEER of the Unit?

When purchasing an air conditioner, many people never consider the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), just the cost. It can be tempting to save hundreds of dollars on the purchase price, but that can be easily lost in electric bills during the summer months.

Every incremental increase in the SEER results in savings on the use of the machine, and the estimated yearly cost of operation is a good number to think about when buying a unit.

If you have an A/C with a low SEER, you probably know approximately what it costs you to operate the unit. Repairing an electricity hog may not be in your best interest when you can expect a large savings with a new more efficient air conditioner. Eagle Services will be glad to discuss your options and estimate any savings you might expect.

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