Is Your Plumber Coming Prepared?

Phoenix plumber repairing sink faucetYour home experienced a plumbing emergency and you called a local plumber. That person showed up and then left, came back and then left again. Why is the person leaving so much and why isn’t your problem fixed yet? Usually, a plumber that comes and goes is leaving to pick up parts, or they’re taking extra long breaks. Either way, you’re not getting the satisfaction you deserve as a consumer. Your plumber should always come prepared to every job. The following will show you various ways in which your plumber should come packing by the time they pull up in your driveway.

The Plumber’s Truck Or Van

Most plumbers roll up in a truck or van when they go out on call. This is so that they can carry all the equipment they may need for any given job. They may carry tools, safety equipment, pipe fittings, tape and sealant and even heavy-duty rotor rooters for those tough sewer clog jobs.

Your plumber should never have to leave to get parts, since most parts and tools should already be in the van. Of course, some parts may need to be ordered, but if it’s an all the time thing that your plumber doesn’t have the right tools or equipment, you may begin to wonder what on earth they need all that moving space for.

Professional Appearance

Part of coming prepared means showing up to your home in the proper plumbing uniform. Most plumbers wear shirts or clothes that have the company name on them as well as their own name. If the plumber shows up to your house in plain clothes, you may wonder if they’re even a plumber at all.

You should feel comfortable with allowing this stranger to come into your home. When a plumber shows up professionally dressed, prepared and ready to work on whatever plumbing project you have before them, it will be much easier to open your door to allow them entry.

Your plumber should always come prepared to your home, as that’s the only way the job will be completed the proper way the first time around

Call Your Professional Plumber At Eagle Services

At Eagle Services, our plumbers are always prepared and fully equipped to handle most any plumbing task right away. Of course our plumbing contractors are professionally dressed in company uniforms and drive company trucks and vans.  Call us today for fast, efficient plumbing repairs in the Phoenix area.

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