Is Your A/C Running but There’s No Cold Air?

Even minor A/C issues can lead to to serious problems down the road if you don’t address them early on with your professional repair services.  Gilbert Air Conditioner

One of the most common problems or issues you may experience with your A/C  system that will not blow cold air even though the unit is running.  This is normally caused by a low refrigerant charge.  If there is too little refrigerant it causes the system to ice up which leads to operational problems.  If you notice any build up of ice on the lines or coils then low refrigerant may be the blame.  You should contact a professional to come and evaluate and possibly recharge your system.

Low refrigerant levels are a serious issue, not only from the operational problems they can lead to but if your refrigerant levels drop it is most likely because of a leak somewhere in the system.  Simply adding refrigerant will not be a total fix, you will need a qualified A/C technician to diagnose and fix the cause of the leak.

Another cause of your A/C running but not blowing cold air could be because the filters are very dirty.  Dirty air filters cause poor air flow and should be cleaned/changed often.

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