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 HVAC repair is  necessary, even in the winter.  Unlike more northern parts of the country, Gilbert is blessed with a temperate climate.  By living here, you get to avoid the twenty foot snow drifts, chipping your car out of a block of ice, the and salt corrosion common to places with harsher winters such as the Northeast or Midwest.

Winter is Here: Time for HVAC Repair

However, even in Gilbert, it gets cold at night.  Sometimes the temperature can drop to 35 degrees or even lower, which is well within the freezing range.  I know what you’re thining?  Why would I even need a heater repair in such a mild climate.  Well, even though inside a building with your heater on you’re unlikely to get hypothermia, do you really want to feel cold along with all the muscle pains and other issues that come with cold exposure?

HVAC Repair: It’s Not Just About the Winter

Winter is only one reason to fix your HVAC.  The joy of Arizona is that we start to warm up in February.  Winter visitors flock here in droves to escape the biting cold of their homes back east.   But while the weather starts to become beautiful, it also means that your house will start to warm up.  It’s a good idea to get your HVAC unit checked before spring, as soon it will be getting warmer and warmer until it is not warm anymore, it’s hot.

Get HVAC Repair Done For Your Comfort

Arizona doesn’t have seasons in the classic sense.  We have micro-seasons instead.  Which means you have an even chance of either being too hold or too cold.  That’s where climate control comes in.  You can warm it up when it gets chilly, or cool it down when it gets hot outside.  However, if your unit isn’t working, you only have limited control over the chill of winter and the heat of summer.  HVAC repair keeps your unit running the way it should.

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