Local Phoenix HVAC Company – Cooling Tips For Saving You Money

Eagle Services Should Be Your Phoenix HVAC Company

Eagle Services is your Phoenix HVAC Company that can save you money on your Electric Bill.

Living in AZ as you have guessed by now it gets and stays hot for many many months.    Please give us a call at Eagle Services and we can set up an appointment to check your A/C  unit.  Below is a list of Cooling for less to help you save on your electric bill


Be sure to give us a call at Eagle Services to schedule a time to come out and take a quick look.  480-659-4942.  We also can handle all your Electrical and Plumbing needs as well.phoenix-electrician


A/C Tips on Cooling for Less:

  1. Do not leave your A/C running all day if you are away at work or gone for the day.  Try using a programmable thermostat.  We install several types, such as…Honeywell, Braeburn , Emerson, click thermostats.
  2. Replace your filters at least every 2 months.
  3. Use A/C and ceiling fans together. This will better circulate the cool air.
  4. Check and clean evaporator coil
  5. Check window seals for leaks especially around In Room A/C Units.


Indicators that you may need to call a Phoenix HVAC Company:

      1. Unit is 15 years old or older
      2. If it is just not cooling anymore
      3. Keeps breaking down and you are having several ongoing repairs.
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