Getting Your Home Prepared for the Summer Months

Keeping Your Home Cool  (besides going to the beach)

One way that we can manage to survive the heat is central air conditioning.  Here in AZ, it is just too hot to be without some type of air conditioning.  It’s important, before it gets too hot to check your air conditioner; turn it on and make sure that it is working properly.  If you find anything wrong with it, you’ll be glad you planned ahead, rather than calling for air conditioner repair when the temperatures reach triple digits….we are already there for the next few months.

Likewise, it’s the right time for your home’s air conditioner tune-up. Like the regular maintenance on your car,  regular annual maintenance on your home’s air conditioner is so important.  An air conditioning maintenance can include cleaning the outside system, lubricating parts, checking wiring for damage, and recharging the AC refrigerant if needed.

Getting Your Home Prepared for Summer


So when the weather starts getting nicer, there are some things to do in order to get your home prepared for the change of seasons.  Getting your pool ready, cleaning out your garage, taking care of any necessary air conditioner repair, an air conditioner tune-up, and inspecting your grill are all important steps in order to get ready for summer.

Starting Up the Pool

If you have a swimming pool (living in AZ most people do, or at least easy access to one) you know nothing beats the heat quite like a swimming pool getting it ready for swimmers is an important step for any homeowner looking forward to the heat.  After that, refilling it with clean water and getting the right amount of chemicals to keep it clean can take several days, maybe even a week.  Once you figure it all out, however, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of owning a pool; because there’s nothing quite like jumping into a pool after a long day in the summer sun.

Call us at EAGLE SERVICES for a tune-up or a check and service on your A/C unit(s) before you end up needing a new unit.  We also do Electrical and Plumbing.



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