Electrician Gilbert-Getting a Fair Electrical Bid

Getting a Fair Electrical Bid can be scary if you don’t follow some simple rules.


  1. You should decide exactly what it is that you want to remodel or have done before the licensed electrician arrives for the estimate.
  2. Be sure to let them know about any wiring concerns that you may have and if you want to supply the light fixtures, outlets, or plugs, etc…or if you want the electrician supply them.
  3. After you have received your bid, have a list of questions ready to ask so the electrician will be able to explain how he arrived at that price.
  4. Please consider the reputation of the Gilbert Electrician you choose.  Gilbert Electrician

Does your Electrician offer free estimates?

At Eagle Services we offer free in home estimates for ALL of your electrical needs by a qualified licensed electrician.  And even if you want a ceiling fan installed or just a few outlets changed or updated, we will still go out and give you a free estimate. Give us a call today at 480-659-4942.

Eagle Services also offers full service plumbing as well as air conditioning/heating for the entire valley.

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