Electrical Panel Upgrade or Just Tune-up?

Do You Need an electrical panel Upgrade:

If your home is 30+ years old you probably need an electrical panel upgrade.  There are two brands of panels that may have major manufacturing and/or design flaws which could potentially put homeowners at risk.  The first is Federal Pacific and the second is Zinsco Panels.  If you have either of these panels PLEASE have them inspected by a Qualified Electrician.  These panels no longer protect your home from over-current and short circuits.  Both being a potential fire hazard.

What is an Electrical Panel:Gilbert Electrician

There is an electrical panel in every type of dwelling and commercial property.  It is the heart of the home and business.  Without it nothing electrical works.

Inside the panel you will find wire running to inside the home and breakers designated for each circuit in the home with different amperage (the strength of an electrical current) ratings for each load demand circuit.  Example:  50 amp double pole breaker for A/C might have #6 gauge wire or 15 amp single pole breaker for lighting might have #14 gauge wire. Lastly will be  main breaker rated from 60 amps to 200 amps for Residential and maybe 400 amp to 600 amp for Commercial.

Panel Upgrade consists of:

Removing an old, non grounded, out dated, unsafe panel like a 60 amp 12 space screw in fuse type panel and upgrading to a 200 amp 42 space all in one with built in surge protection and a lifetime warranty.whole house power surge protection Gilbert

Panel Tune-up

First thing is to hire a qualified electrician to inspect the panel. They will check the following…

  1. Over all condition of panel for corrosion falling off structure.
  2. Check breaker size in relation to circuit demand
  3. Breaker double taps, such as more then one wire on breaker
  4. Proper grounding
  5. Overall condition of wires including frayed or burnt
  6. Condition of main breaker size for house load demand.

A Proper Inspection will determine if panel needs to be upgraded or not.  It is crucial for The Electrician to thoroughly inspect and fix items of concern if possible before having to upgrade panel.  It can save the homeowner thousands of dollars and lots of time.

Please do not hesitate to call Eagle Services with any questions you may have or have an inspection of your electrical panel.  480-659-4942 We service all cities in the Valley, including Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Peoria and many more

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