Electrical Household Maintenance

Household Electrical Maintenance 

This time of the year there is extra strain on your household systems and the machinery that runs them. Always a good idea to have your electrical checked by a licensed electrician.  They can check your electric water heater, test outlets, check your ceiling fans, inspect the electrical panel and smoke detectors.  They can also decide if you could benefit from a surge protector.

Using ceiling fans can really make a difference.  It really isn’t necessary to keep the fan on when you are not using the room but when you are in the room and the fan is on it will cool the room down by 10 to 15 degrees.  If you decide to keep them on the time that’s fine, they don’t cost much of anything to run.  Just remember to keep the motor assembly clean and the blades free of dust.

Overall, it is just a good idea to have your electrical looked at from time to time to prevent any further, more costly repairs in the future.  We can offer you a twice a year inspection to keep things in great shape prior to the summer months and again at the beginning of the winter season.

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