Plumbing / Electrical Remodeling / Upgrades.

Are you thinking of doing any remodeling and/or upgrading to your plumbing and electrical systems?

Eagle Services of Gilbert Arizona can perform many different types of  repairs or upgrades throughout the Phoenix metro as well as do simple fixes to make your home look much better.

You can do just simple fixes to your electric such as, changing light switches, replacing light fixtures and ceiling fans, to removing fluorescent lighting and installing can lights, installing USB outlets throughout your home or office. Or maybe doing some house rewiring. We can install surge protectors and entire panel upgrades. We can install all new patio lighting from café lights to spotlights to highlight your trees or flowers.

USB outlets


As for plumbing repairs or upgrades. We can replace rusted or leaky faucets and sinks.  Repair or replace leaky outside hose bibs. Or we can remodel your whole bathroom, with new bathtub/shower, toilets, fancy faucets.  We have installed fire bowls for outdoor use around the pool.

fire bowls

How about a new built in BBQ for your backyard or having an outdoor shower installed.

Please give us a call today to discuss your plumbing, electric repairs or upgrades.



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Tips on Preventing Electrical Fires in Gilbert

Preventing Electrical Fires USB outlets

An electrical fire can destroy your home in a matter of minutes. It can leave you homeless and penniless especially without the proper insurance coverage for fire hazard. Scheduling a licensed electrician yearly for an inspection of your outlets, wiring and appliances can give you peace of mind.

Checklist for Preventing Electrical Fires

Every year, at least once, you should complete each of the following tasks:

  1. Check for sign of frayed wiring on all of your electrical devices.
  2. Check all outlets for visible sign of damage.
  3. Inspect all electrical switches for any visible signs of damage (burnt smell, dark spots, cracks)
  4. Also, inspect all extension cords and surge protectors for signs of wear and tear.

Always a good idea to childproof all electrical outlets. Limit the use of electrical extension cords and do not overload them with to many devices.

Please contact Eagle Services for a free quote today.  We service Gilbert Arizona and valleywide and our technicians are fully licensed plumbers.



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Plumbing Fixtures in Gilbert

When you are having rust, corrosion and drips from you faucets, it can cost you money.  Replacing your plumbing fixtures can be a good way of investing in your home.

If you are thinking about updating your home consider plumbing fixture updates for an easy way to get started.  Sometimes replacing your fixtures become a necessity.  Here are some signs to look for…

When to Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures:
  • Low water pressure
  • Repetitive drips
  • Chipping, cracking or signs of damage to shower/bathtub base
  • Squealing sounds or faucet making noise
  • Corrosion, rust and even mold are more signs of deterioration

Give us a call today to have your plumbing fixtures changed or at least looked at.  Our licensed technicians can give you some great cost effective ideas.

Eagle Services -Plumbers and Electricians that service Phoenix and valleywide.


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Gilbert Plumbing: Prevent Plumbing Problems

A plumbing problem can happen at anytime without warning.  Prevention can save you lots of time and money.  Most repairs are for drains that are clogged.  The main cause is usually from grease as it builds up over time. Sometimes there are products on the market that can assist in clearing the grease.  Hair is another clog that can be prevented by setting up strainers in your sinks and showers.

Outdoor Faucet Freezing Prevention:

Remember to detach all the outside hoses before the first freeze of the season.  Close the shutoff valve where the water builds up in the outdoor faucets to allow any remaining water in the lines to drain.  Reverse the process as soon as the temperature warms up.

Water Heater Prevention Tips:

Do not forget to check your water heater and softener before leaving for a vacation.  You can also turn off their individual shut off valves which will prevent them from leaking and causing water damage while you are away.

Toilet Leak Prevention

The easiest way to check for a toilet leak is to pour a small amount of food dye into the holding tank and leave it there overnight.  In the morning if you have any color in the basin,  then you know you have a leak.  If you use this easy method you will prevent possible plumbing problems or costly repairs later. So take a minute to try these helpful tips and don’t forget to call us at Eagle Services 480-659-4942 to schedule any of your plumbing problems.  We service Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Chandler and many other surrounding Cities.

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Signs You Need Drain Repair Services

Most types of indoor plumbing are made to last and to be durable, but the kinds of materials used by the average homeowner, such as soap scum and food waste, can produce a build up inside your pipes which can affect the overall performance of your plumbing.  Since we cannot see inside the plumbing we have to rely on signs or signals.

There are some signs to look for in needing drain repair services

  • Gurgling – when you hear a gurgling sound coming from the drain, it indicates that there is enough build-up in the drain that it has air pockets.  The sound is actually from the release of trapped air.
  • Smells – odors usually are caused by food waste, such as, oils, grease and fats but can be caused by sewer backing up.  This can happen if the line has a crack in it and should be taken seriously and should be inspected by a trained expert.
  • Multiple/Recurring  – If you find that multiple lines are clogging at the same time, that most likely means that you have several drains that empty into one main plumbing line. In this case, a licensed plumber would be your best bet to unclog it because it’s probably a clog somewhere deep in the main line. If the same line is continuing to clog, it indicates the clog has never really been resolved and may require a professional.

If you are seeing any of these signs that a drain repair is needed, call us at Eagle Services to schedule an appointment at 480-659-4942.  We service the entire valley and also provide licensed Electricians.

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Reasons Why a Toilet Runs

Reasons Why your Toilet Might Run

  • Float ball issues – the float ball is the small ball that sinks when the tank empties when flushing, which opens up the inlet valve on the fill tube.  When the tank is filled, the float ball rises, which closes the valve and stops the filling process.  If the float is not aligned or malfunctions, it may not close the valve completely and the water will continue to run.
  • If the chain on the flush valve is too short/long  – the chain on the flush valve is the component that pulls open the flush valve, which allows fresh water into the tank and flushes out the used water.  When the chain is too long or too short, it may interfere with the ability of the flush valve to completely close.
  • Gasket seal – the gasket is the seal between the tank and the bowl, if it becomes worn out, it will allow water to run into you bowl.
  • Refill tube – the refill tube replenishes the water in the tank. The top of the tube should be above the water level, but if not you will hear intermittent running.
  • Issues with the flapper - the flapper (flush valve) needs to completely seal after every flush in order to keep the water from leaking.  Sometimes with age they can develop mineral deposits or wear down, preventing it from getting a proper seal.  If it just has mineral deposits, you may be able to clean it, but if it shows signs of wear, it should just be replaced.

My toilet in my master bathroom used to make a running sound intermittently through the night, which I could hear while trying to sleep.  I had one of our licensed plumbers come out, and they replaced the refill tube.  It was a quick, cheap and easy fix.

Give us at Eagle Services a call today to see what type of services we can offer you. 480-659-4942 We service the entire valley and look forward to your call.

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Are you experiencing higher water bills?

Phoenix Pipe Repair

  • You could possibly have a water leak.
  • The first thing to do is to find your outside water main shut off valve, probably outside or in the garage.
  1. Open a few faucets or an outside hose spigot.  Water should NOT come out
  2. Then go outside and find your main water meter.  It’s normally located in a concrete box with a cast iron lid. Look for any movement of the meter, if it is still moving, chances are there is a water leak.
  3. If you do not feel comfortable shutting off your main water valve and finding the meter, give us a call and we can go out and help you.

One of our highly trained plumbers can usually find where the leak is located.  In some cases, a leak locating company may need to camera the line the determine the exact spot of the leak.  We will set that up for you as well.

Do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions or thoughts you might have on this.  480-659-4942


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A/C and Furnaces…Can Service Agreements Save You Money?


Service Agreements

Eagle Services can save you money and catch small problems before they become big problems.  Our service agreements provide you with peace of mind and extend the useful life of your home or business’s systems.

Our service agreement clients receive priority scheduling, experience fewer unexpected repairs, save on utilities and receive our preferred service rates.

  • Save Money
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Fewer Unexpected Repairs
  • No Overtime Rates
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Preferred Customer Discount Rates

Our service agreement will save you time and money.  Eagle Plumbing Services offers an agreement for all your plumbing and A/C needs.  With the purchase of your service agreement, you are provided with a complete plumbing inspection of your home. We provide a fair and honest recommendation on what needs to be addressed.  You will be given estimated pricing for any repairs or installations that the technician may find you need in your home.  We will not begin any work without your permission. You will not be charged on overtime-emergency calls.

Plumbing Service Agreement Checklist

  • Flush water heater
  • Flush water heater
  • Dye test toilets
  • Test faucet performance
  • Inspect exposed water lines
  • Inspect drains Inspect washing machine hoses
  • Inspect hose bibs for leaks
  • Inspect emergency shut off valves
  • Inspect pilot light
  • Inspect pilot safety device
  • Inspect water heater for gas leaks
  • Inspect wire connection on electric water heaters Inspect water heater for any leaks
  • Inspect drain valve Inspect relief valve
  • Inspect vent draft Inspect flue pipe
  • Check water pressure to house
  • Inspect all visible gas lines
  • Test carbon monoxide for proper gas venting

A/C Service Agreements

  • Start up of A/C units
  • Spring checkup
  • Fall heating startup
  • Check and service unit(s)

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