Best Time To Install Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Replace Your AC During the Colder MonthsAC Install

Prices for air conditioners are lower during the fall and winter months.  There is less demand therefore you will find that the AC units themselves are less expensive.  Above that, the actual install should be cheaper since the AC technician won’t be as busy.  Then, when the hot summer months approach you will already be ready and a step ahead with cold air.

Replacing Your AC During the Spring

If you find it is too late to wait until the fall or winter to replace your AC, don’t fear—early spring is still a good time to install a new system. Here’s why—if you’ve had an air conditioner inspection and you don’t think your unit will make it through the whole season, it’s better to replace it now than to wait until the middle of the summer when it completely burns out!

Eagle Services can get you scheduled for a tune-up on your AC unit to help prevent costly repairs in the future. 480-659-4942

If you need to replace your air conditioner or just have an inspection Call Eagle Services.

No matter what time of year you decide to replace your air conditioner in Arizona or need any Electrical repair/estimate or need a Plumber…just give us a call. And when you call, don’t forget to ask about our air conditioner installation specials! You can also sign up for an HVAC maintenance contract for priority service as well as a free plumbing inspection and a 10% value rate on all services.

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