Be Careful of Crooks When Having Your A/C-Furnace Serviced

Signs to AVOID  a Scam when having your A/C or Furnace Serviced  Isai/Technician

1.  A Company will come out on a regular service call and try to then sell you on the most expensive equipment.  Be sure you do not buy on the spot but instead tell them you will need to get another estimate.

2.  Check the longevity of the company. Some companies will come from different cities in the winter and summer months then when you need them again they will have a telephone number from another state.

3.  Cold Calling. A company that has to cold call for your business usually has something up their sleeves.  Or they will come to your front door with a “special deal”.

4.  Website.  Check to see if they have a website or an affiliation with a manufacturer. Take a look at our website… Eagle Services

It is always good to have your HVAC Company come and perform a thorough check and service on your unit(s).  The best time is normally before winter and before the hot summer months.  Without yearly cleaning your system can wear itself out quickly. A clean well adjusted heating system will save you money and prolong the life of your system.

Call us today for an appointment to check your equipment today. 480-659-4942.  We service the entire valley and also offer Plumbing and Electrical Services.




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