Air Conditioner Repair and Installation – An Ounce of Prevention

The heating and air conditioning service team at Eagle Services in Phoenix Arizona is accustomed to the surplus of phone calls we receive during seasonal changes. When the summer months approach, there’s suddenly a surge of those in need of Phoenix air conditioner repair and installation.

That’s okay with us because that’s what we do, and we understand the importance of getting your system fully operational and ready to go so you and yours remain comfortable during the intense summer heat.

Seasonal A/C Maintenance

Most homeowners don’t think to call for air conditioner repair and installation until something actually goes wrong. What they may not realize is that by having a system checked once or twice a year, many potential problems can be avoided.

If your system performs both cooling and heating, then a checkup by Eagle Services in the fall and in the spring is advised. Here is a list of some of the things you can expect the service team to do on a maintenance inspection:

Outdoor Unit

  • Check the outdoor unit’s refrigerant level and make adjustments if required
  • Check the compressor and tubing for any obvious damage
  • Inspector the unit’s fan blades and motor; lubrication may be needed for older models
  • Remove any debris that may have accumulated in the inside cabinet (leaves, dirt)
  • Inspect drain openings for restrictions or obstructions and remove if required

Indoor Unit

  • Inspect blower housing for debris and clean if required
  • Clean and adjust burner assembly if necessary
  • Replace or clean the unit’s air filter
  • Check blower assembly (housing, motor, and wheel); clean if necessary
  • Inspect ductwork for leaks or obstructions

Phoenix Air Conditioner Repair and Installation & More

Many problems with air conditioners turn out to be electrical related. This is why it is an added benefit for homeowners that Eagle Services provides not only air conditioner repair and installation, but plumbing services as well. This saves you the expense of having to contact another contractor if the problem turns out to be other than HVAC.

Mechanical problems that may warrant repair are usually due to refrigerant leaks, a condenser coil that needs cleaning, a dirty cooling coil, and loose blades or belts.

You don’t want to spend any more on an air conditioner repair or installation than is necessary, and the technicians at Eagle Services are going to pinpoint the problem’s cause before jumping right over to replacing the most expensive components in your system. It could turn out to be something as simple as a control or a switch.

There’s a lot to know about fixing air conditioners which is why an HVAC contractor in Phoenix is required to be licensed. Knowledgeable and qualified service techs can find the problem fast, get your system back up and running, and by performing periodic maintenance possibly avoid potential problems. And at Eagle Services, we want to keep your system running optimally and hopefully save you money in the long run on upkeep and repairs.

When you need help with air conditioner repair or new installation, Eagle Services is the preferred contractor in the Phoenix Arizona and surrounding area. Always on call in case of emergencies and offering plumbing and HVAC services at the most competitive prices in the area. Call today for courteous, prompt, professional service – 602-354-3648.

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